Flavia Moser

Flavia Moser

Flavia is the Lead Product Expert for the Smart Assist and Smart Predict feature portfolio in SAP Analytics Cloud. Flavia holds a PhD in Computer Science specializing in Data Mining. Prior to joining the Analytics Cloud team she worked as a Data Scientist in the healthcare sector.

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Search to Insight brings conversational artificial intelligence to SAP Analytics Cloud. Now, getting answers from your data is as simple as asking a question in natural language.

Update November 8, 2018:

Search to Insight is now supported for live HANA models. To enable the feature, an Admin user needs to index the live model. Once this task is complete, users will be able to make Search to Insight queries on information from live HANA models.

Get the answers you need with Search to Insight

Search to Insight is an extension of SAP Analytics Cloud’s existing Smart Assist features. The feature works by processing your natural language queries and providing you with answers in numeric point or chart form. Simply ask a question about your data and get instant insights.

Search to Insight uses auto-complete suggestions to match words or phrases in your question to measures and dimensions in your data. After interpreting your question, you may see more than one option in the results panel. This is so you can double check that Search to Insight has understood your question.

search to insight SAP Analytics Cloud

Once you’ve reviewed your result, you can add the chart to your story, ask a new question, or close the Search to Insight dialogue window.

Get more specific results with keywords

Search to Insight recognizes and understands a wide variety of keywords that will help you ask even more detailed questions. Here are some of the ways you can ask Search to Insight to customize your results:

Rank and sort

You can use Search to Insight to sort and rank your data based on performance. With questions like this use keywords like top/bottom, high/low, or best/worst and specify the number of results you want in the ranking.

For example, you can ask  “What are my top 5 products?” or “Show me the top 10 sales managers by Sales Revenue for Germany.”

Hierarchical navigation

If your data is modeled as part of a hierarchy you can automatically show the breakdown and drill down into dimensions.

For example, you can ask “Show profits for all regions” or drill down into your location dimension by asking “Show profits for Canada”


You can use describe as a keyword to display all dimensions and measures for a specific model. This query can help you understand the elements of your model in order to ask more detailed questions.

Search to Insight Describe

Model Name

If your story contains more than one model, you can specify which model you want to pull information from when setting up your query.

Chart Type

Search to Insight will choose the best chart-type based to display your results. But, if you want to show your results in a specific chart type you can specify when setting up your query. For example, you can ask “Show me last months sales by region as a bar chart.”

Time Phases

Search to Insight understands a number of different queries based on time. You can ask for results based on any of the following time frames, provided the information exists in your model.

  • Dates (March 3)
  • Hours (3 pm)
  • Periods (the last 7 days)
  • Seasons (this winter)
  • Cyclical intervals (last two days)
  • Explicit interval (July 12-17, 2017)

Get Started

You can access Search to Insight directly from your story. Click the magnifying glass in the main toolbar to open the Search to Insight dialogue window. Currently, Search to Insight can only run on information from import data models (without role-level security or data access control) that are present in your story.

Future plans for Search to Insight

Search to Insight is a powerful feature that is continuing to grow and expand in supported capabilities. Here are some of the things we’re working on now:

  • Support for live data models S/4HANA and BW
  • Support for import data models with Data Access Control
  • Support for data blending across models
  • Global search to allow you to search all models in your account (not just the ones included in your story)
  • Adding Search to Insight to the SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile App and SAP Digital Boardroom

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