Budget, forecast, and analyze

Simplify Planning and Analysis with one simple cloud solution. Leverage collaborative enterprise planning processes to make the best end-to-end plan for your business.
decide on the fly

Strategize and act in the moment

Analyze, plan, and predict in one application to save time and increase organizational agility. SAP Analytics Cloud is your single source of truth, reducing errors and the time between insight and action.

Value driver tree

Visualize the impact of your decisions

Run "what-if" scenarios with the value driver tree to connect the different areas of your business and see the full financial picture. Interact with your data; adjust numbers into percentages and drill down for further detail to help plan your next move.

Create your own value driver tree 

Data entry

Quick and effective planning

Run faster with features to help you streamline reporting and data entry. Create and adjust plans by percentages, shortcut scaling characters to simplify input, see automatic highlights of imaged and related cells, and so much more. Develop plans efficiently so you can focus on strategic planning.

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Continuously collaborate

It's better working together

Improve performance and accountability with built-in team collaboration. Create discussions in context to crowdsource plans and budgets across the business and improve accuracy and alignment. Interact on screen, on the road, or at home to keep the conversation going.

Create tasks

Get the job done efficiently by creating tasks to assign specific items to users.

Share comments

Keep in constant communication by commenting and providing feedback on specific visualizations 

Go mobile

Get the most recent information about your business through the mobile app for iOS 

stay ahead

Your path to the intelligent enterprise

Intelligent enterprises operate with visibility, focus, and agility to achieve game-changing outcomes. They do more with less and empower employees through process automation.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, you'll be able to start transforming your organization into an intelligent enterprise. You'll discover top influencers of performance by automatically predicting future values, saving time and improving results. Augment analytics with embedded intelligence helps you make data-driven decisions faster and with more confidence.

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predictive forecasting

Instantly forecast key values

SAP Analytics Cloud uses your historical data to predict what future business situations may come your way.

Time-series forecasting gives a future picture of key influencers. Forecast in different target time granularities, and uncover worst-case and the best-case scenarios to make informed planning decisions.

Gain more insights, instantly, with real-time updates to forecasted projections.

search to insight

Easily uncover insights through natural language

Now planning and analysis is as easy as using a search engine.

SAP Analytics Cloud's machine learning technology and natural language processing help planners to quickly build reports and extract key drivers. Simply type your question and Search to Insight provides a visual answer from your information. 

All parts of the organization can now analyze plans quickly and easily – allowing for improved decision-making across the board.

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Augmented analytics

Gain relevant, accurate, and actionable insights faster with augmented
analytics and the power of machine learning technology in SAP Analytics Cloud.

hybrid analytics

The path of the future

Use the advanced features in SAP Analytics Cloud to leverage your existing on-premise planning solution. Constant innovation in business intelligence, predictive, and planning provides an ideal hybrid analytics solution.

Native integration with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation gives you the ability to move existing scenarios to the cloud, helping you to align plans across all business units.

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