Prepare, visualize, and uncover

Answer business questions with easy, self-service business intelligence capabilities. Interactively work with your information and gather meaningful insights.
Next level business intelligence

Analytics in the intelligence era

SAP Analytics Cloud's business intelligence and augmented analytics capabilities help you to evaluate and predict business outcomes. Now you can reduce uncertainty and confidently drive insight beyond human bias in one simple cloud solution.


Prepare efficiently

Prepare your information with the latest modeling tools. Our machine learning technology helps to automatically clean your data by alerting you of possible errors and categorizing measures and dimensions. Modeling tools help you to enhance your data for geo analysis and multi-level hierarchies to gain even deeper insights.

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Smart Transformation

Put it together the smart way

SAP Analytics Cloud's machine learning technology automatically suggests Smart Transformations based on the context of your selected columns. You can choose to update values, and sort, delete, combine, and split columns to better prepare your data for enhanced visualizations.


SAP Analytics Cloud earns a top ranking from BARC

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Augmented Analytics

Identify unseen correlations and accelerate business decisions

Find answers easily, just ask

SAP Analytics Cloud uses conversational artificial intelligence and natural language technology to answer your business questions automatically. Ask about sales revenues, employee performance, and drill-downs into specific regions, time, and more – it’s as easy as using a search engine.

Anticipate problems before they arise

Forecast future performance with a single click. Predictive forecasting automatically detects risks so you can focus on deciding the best course of action.

Do more with less

Augmented analytics capabilities automatically analyze aspects of your business to uncover key influencers and unexpected results. Machine learning technology helps you to simulate the impact of strategic changes on business outcomes so you can gain valuable insights in less time.

Augmented analytics

Gain relevant, accurate, and actionable insights faster with augmented
analytics and the power of machine learning technology in SAP Analytics Cloud.

geo maps and linked analysis

Tie it together to see the full picture


Explore powerful location analysis features to showcase regional data, location trends, flows, and so much more. See the full picture or focus in to get information on specific location data points. With linked analysis, you can simultaneously update multiple charts in your story based on selected geographical context.

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hybrid analytics

The path of the future

Thrive within your existing data infrastructure by combining your on-premise and cloud data into a single hybrid analytics solution.

Connect your data solutions such as SAP S4/HANA, SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, and more, to experience the best features of each solution.

Combine the power of SAP Analytics Cloud with cloud solutions like SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass, and SAP Hybris to analyze your lines of business and gain deeper insight into your end-to-end business, from process management to customer experience.

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communicate and collaborate

It's better together

Collaborate to improve performance and accountability. Built-in collaboration tools allow you to share and discuss information, create and manage tasks, and add comments to individual data points, helping everyone to stay aligned. 

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