Data Connections

Connect your on-premise and cloud data sources to SAP Analytics Cloud


Connect Securely to your Data

Whether your data is stored in spreadsheets, on premise databases, cloud databases, or a combination of all three, you'll be able to analyze it with SAP Analytics Cloud. Connecting to your data is the first step in getting a clear picture of your enterprise; resulting in streamlined processes and data-driven decision making.

Connection Types

There are two types of data connections possible: live data connections and import data connections.

Live Data Connections

  • Are available for cloud and on premise data sources
  • Do not replicate your data in SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Use existing data models for analysis
  • Update your data visualizations and stories with new data in real-time

Import Data Connections

  • Are available for cloud and on premise data sources
  • Replicate data within SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Create new data models through the SAP Analytics Cloud Modeler
  • Update your data visualizations and stories when refreshed

Explore your Connection Options

Depending on your environment, there are different requirements to establish both live and import data connections to SAP Analytics Cloud.

You can create live data connections using a ‘Direct’ connection type (a.k.a. using CORS – Cross-Origin Resource Sharing), or by using the type ‘Path’ (a.k.a. via Reverse Proxy):

  • Direct Connectivity is the simpler approach as it doesn’t require any additional hardware, is easy to setup and provides better performance.
  • Path Connectivity is recommended when you are required to use an existing Reverse Proxy setup within your corporate domains, and when you also need to configure access to multiple systems represented as paths (instead of having to enable CORS on every system.)

Expand the matrices below for more details on how to achieve connections with your individual scenario. Check the system requirements and technical prerequisites for your specific data sources.

Get Connected

Check out our guided playlists for detailed step-by-step instructions on connecting data sources to SAP Analytics Cloud.